use & care
Products from ystudio are made of many natural materials, deliberately without protective polish. Therefore, the products will change with different features, with the changes of your handwritings and environment. You are invited to appreciate such a natural taste of natural materials.

Bronze : Bronze materials will be oxidized with unique effects, with changes of users and environment. However, the oxidized bronze is harmless. Clean it repeatedly with bronze oil and then the initial polish will be revived.

Wood : Wenge wood is selected as it will bring out unique personal style after being used due to its original special color and texture.

Leathe : Top first-layer beef skin is selected to offer you a better texture.

repairs & maintenance


If your item from ystudio is broken and needs to be repaired, please contact the shop or local agent, or write to us.
  Repair models are divided into
Minor Repair : The fee for minor repair is 15% of the sold price. The replaced fee for most parts is 40% of the sold price (freight exclusive).
Major Repair : For major repair, you should send your item to us, and we will send back the repaired one to you. Please take some photos of it, with descriptions, for us to learn about the condition of the item. We will reply on the evaluated fees for your reference and decision whether further repair will be conducted.