Vegan leather vs Real leather: Sustainability & Durability Comparison

Vegan leather is made from synthetic materials like recycled plastics, corks, and pineapple peels.

Leather accessories have been a favorite by a lot of people all over the world due to their elegance and durability. From bags to shoes and wallets, leather is always a top choice because it can last long and looks even more beautiful even through the years. However, since animal leather is very expensive and causes harm to animals, there has been a rise in the use of vegan leather in the past decades. In this article, we will compare vegan leather vs real leather to see which is the best option for you. 

What is “Real” Leather? 

To put it simply, real leather is made out of real animal skin. This means that the material to create it is not produced artificially and may come from the skin of cows, sheep, deer–and any animal whose skin can be harvested. There are also different types of real leather like full grain, genuine, top grain, and bonded leather, which is based on the quality of the leather. With this, the higher the quality of leather, the higher the price it will be.

What is Vegan Leather? 

Vegan leather, unlike real leather, is made from synthetic materials like recycled plastics, corks, and pineapple peels. It also makes use of plastic polymers that give vegan leather the textured look that makes it appear similar to real leather. Expert vegan leather craftsmen produce high-quality items that can last up to 20 years if proper care is applied, making it a great choice without having to spend too much. 

vegan leather is much more resistant and durable.

Why Vegan Leather? 

Well-made Vegan Leather is Durable

A well-made and high-quality vegan leather is very durable and can last for many years. For example, a vegan leather jacket that is made from high-quality materials not only looks and feels like real leather, but can also stand the test of time. This is why it is important to check the quality of vegan leather since there are a lot of faux leathers that are mass-produced but have very poor quality. 

Vegan Leather is Easy to Care For

Unlike real leather which can have a very expensive upkeep where you need to use certain oils and polishes, vegan leather products are easier to clean and care for. Since it is not made with animal hide, you don’t need to use expensive leather treatments to keep it looking its best. In addition, unlike real leather which is prone to cracking and peeling, vegan leather is much more resistant and durable. 

Most Vegan Leathers are Waterproof

Leathers made from animal hide are not on good terms with water exposure since they can easily destroy the look and can result in it being damaged easily. Most of the time, when real leather gets wet, you would need to bring it to a leather shop to have it revived to its beauty. Unlike real leather, vegan leather reacts better to water especially those that have an added waterproof coating so you only need to hang your vegan leather, wipe, and let air dry. Even so, while vegan leather is waterproof, this does not mean that you should allow vegan leather to get drenched in water as this can also cause damage. 

Vegan Leather Look and Feel Just as Good as Real Leather

Clothing and accessories that are made with high-quality vegan leather look just as elegant as real leather. High-quality vegan leather items such as the YSTUDIO Classic Reflect-1 Pen Pouch which are made by skilled craftsmen are a great example of finely made leather since it looks elegant but is also very durable. This vegan leather pen pouch is also scrape-resistant, water-resistant, and lightweight, making it easy to carry around in your pocket. 

Clothing and accessories that are made with high-quality vegan leather look just as elegant as real leather.

How to Care For Vegan Leather? 

Just like any item, proper care should be done to ensure that it will last long. Even though vegan leather needs lesser care as compared to real leather, caring for your vegan leather items will ensure that they can last long. Here are effective ways to make your vegan leather items more durable:

  1. Avoid exposing your vegan leather to direct sunlight and heat as this can shrivel the material 
  2. If your vegan leather has been soiled and dirtied, only use mild soap and lukewarm water to prevent chemical damage
  3. Make sure to air dry your vegan leather clothing and accessories in case it gets wet
  4. Avoid storing items with vegan leather in areas that can retain moisture as this can lead to molds that might cause permanent damage
  5. Use waterproofing cream to make it more durable, especially during rainy days 

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