‘OCTAPHILOSOPHY™’ is an extended touring project from the latest same-titled book by chef andré chiang released in 2016. this publication is not only a model that applies to cooking, but also a thread in creative thinking. debuted in taiwan, the exhibition invites eight interdisciplinary creative artists to interpret eight different aspects in OCTAPHILOSOPHY™ with their own media. this includes architecture, ceramics, industrial, graphic, floriculture, illustration, printing and visual arts, to represent three concepts in new ways: origin, essence, and process. guided by spatial and visual experiences, humanity and artworks interconnect and inspire views to reconfigure the show.

ystudio aims to explore bonds between objects and humans, and displays beauty in pure texture. Time leaves its traces on materials and textures and records each and every process. Each object goes through tests by fire, wind, and sun, for various purposes. The end vessel presents a rich image, almost like a book.

We choose copper as material. It's durable, stable and preserving unique textures. People touch, feel and read through fingertips. This private experience may be beautiful or surprising, open for various interpretations and imaginations. With this object, we build up our own stories.

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