What Is The Difference Among Fountain Pen, Rollerball, and Ballpoint?



For many people, a pen is just a general stationery in life. No matter what sort of pen you are looking for school, office or personal use, it is good to know more about the difference among fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint.


The features of Fountain Pen



Fountain pen which is the oldest one of all, it was invented in the early 1900’s. Fountain pen uses a nib for writing and comes with an internal cartridge/converter to hold the ink. The wet ink with low viscosity flows from the reservoir/converter to the nib through the feed by capillary action. That is the reason why a smidge of pressure on the nib is all you need to get the ink flowing.  

How to Use a Fountain Pen: 3 Tips to Choose Your First Fountain Pen


Fountain pen pros and cons

  1. (+) It can be used longer because the nib can be exchanged.
  2. (+) Nib sizes are customizable and have a few options to choses.
  3. (+) Color of ink can be changed.
  4. (+) More eco-friendly because it is refillable.


  1. (-) It might be difficult to use for beginners.
  2. (-) Require more maintenance.
  3. (-) More expensive.
  4. (-) Need to be capped, or the ink will dry out quickly.
  5. (-) The water-based ink will bleed through lower-quality papers.

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The features of Rollerball



The rollerball pen require less pressure to write due to the property of its liquid ink. Wet ink is fed to the pen point which is a 0.5 or 0.7 tiny ball by air pressure and gravity. Rollerball pens come in all price points. Some rollerballs have changeable refills so you can put whatever ink you prefer in them.


Rollerball pros and cons

  1. (+) Smooth like fountain pen due to the water-based ink.
  2. (+) Easy to use.
  3. (+) More convenient to carry because it’s lighter than fountain pen.


  1. (-) Need to be capped, or the ink will dry out.
  2. (-) The ink will bleed through lower-quality papers.


The features of Ballpoint



The invention of ballpoint pens can trace back to the 20th century. The design of ballpoint is similar to rollerball. Different from the fountain pens and rollerball pens, the ink in ballpoint are oil-based. They are made of dissolving dyes in a mixture of alcohols and fatty acids, it makes the inks more viscous and dried quickly on paper. Considering the cost effectiveness and ease of use, although they do require more pressure to write, ballpoints still became the most common pen nowadays.


Ballpoint pros and cons

  1. (+) Ballpoint inks are usually smudge resistant, quick drying, and waterproof.
  2. (+) Typically, the least expensive.
  3. (+) Portable than fountain pen and rollerball.


  1. (-) Require more pressure to write.
  2. (-) Inks can be messy and accumulate at the tip.
  3. (-) Not the best for long writing.


Fountain Pens vs. Rollerball vs. Ballpoint



Fountain Pens









*Nibs and inks are changeable


* Changeable refills




Diversity of Options


*Nib sizes and inks



Property of Inks




Convenience And Portability



Ease of Ink-Drying


Difficulty of Maintenance



Difficulty of Use



Recommendations for your perfect pen




Resin - Fountain Pen

The Resin series is reaching an excellent balance in acrylic and brass. It has a smooth matte surface. A brass inner-tube embedded in the pen body brings perfect weight balance.
The Schmidt nib from Germany writes steady and smooth. The Resin series has its own cleverly bright look yet still forms the writing ritual to feel the weight of words.


Classic - Rollerball Pen

The rollerball pen stands out for its exquisite materials, but even more for its functionality. It is heavy enough to provide a stable grip and smooth writing. You can enjoy this pen no matter when taking notes or signing.


Brassing - Portable Ballpoint Pen

ystudio Portable Ballpoint Pen is designed to have a fine hanging function. With sophisticated lacquer and brass trim, well-adjust weight balance, and rebound mechanism, it becomes a must-have pen for you.
It comes with a necklace and a shackle for you to create your own lifestyle. Refill is ystudio customized 0.7 mm gel-ink refill which writes smoothly and enjoyable.


Whichever you choose from above three—ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen—just simply make sure it fits your lifestyle.

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