How to hold a fountain Pen correctly & write neatly

Hand writing always can pass on the true emotion of writers through stroke by stroke. Fountain pens are good choices for people wanting to write down beautiful words. However, what tips you have to know before using fountain pens? Here we have the 「Fountain Pen Instructionfor you, including the way of using, writing, holding and practice to help those who are beginners learning to  use fountain pens as quickly as possible.


The Way of Using Fountain Pens 

The weight, holding feeling and stroke of fountain pens is different from other kind of pens. Hence, here are some points in practicing fountain pens.


Holding-Standard Way of Holding a Fountain Pen

The Standard Way of Holding a Fountain Pen is to put index finger, middle finger and thumb together in the part of nib 5 centimeters above pen point. Let the pen barrel lean upon the first medial joint of middle finger and purlicue.

Then letting the carving side of pen point face up, nib face down with an angle of 45 degrees between pen point and papers.  Everyone has their own habit of holding pens and the way of holding pens can be adjusted by their habits separately.


Writing Skill-Moving Lightly on Paper

Beginners used to write too hard with fountain pens and have the situation of unsmooth writing, scraping papers or damaging pen point. They follow the way of writing hardly in using ballpoint pens when using fountain pens afterwards. However, the action of ink flowing is caused by capillarity of papers to let ink flow out through pen point. Hence, users can only let the pen point touch papers lightly and the ink will flow from ink converter or ink cartridge.

Practice Skills-Facsimile  Practice Makes Perfect

When people try to use the fountain pens for the first time, some tips they have to learn how to use fountain pens. In fact, if we can spend around 30 minutes keeping calm and practicing writing words, we will find a way of writing we love and hone the writing skill of fountain pens. Facsimiling copybooks is also a good way to practice writing by downloading copybooks in the internet or buying writing practice books. You will find a kind of font you love and make sure that the ink in the pen barrel will not be dried by frequent usage of fountain pens to increase service life of fountain pens through the process.

Maintenance-Daily Cleaning  Increasing Service Life

The structure of fountain pens is delicate and may be out of function in the situation of inappropriate use. Hence, daily maintenance is very important for fountain pens. The worst situation of fountain pens is that the ink is dried and block the pen point. However, we can try to have some good habits of maintaining fountain pens as given below:

Cleaning fountain pens regularly: Frequent usage and cleaning fountain pens once from 1 ~ 3 months can avoid the ink being dried and blocking inside.

Put pen cap back: Fountain pens use water-based ink. Putting the pen cap back on the fountain pens after using can avoid the evaporation of ink or the ink blocking inside. 

Wiping fountain pens with cotton: The façade of fountain pens is easily oxidized. Wiping fountain pens with cotton cloth can help keep the good situation of façade of fountain pens.

Recommendation of Fountain Pens in Entry Level

There are many categories of fountain pens with selling price of hundreds to tens of thousands dollars. If you worry about spending a lot of money but buying an inappropriate fountain pen, you can try those designed for users in entry level as follow !

Resin - Fountain Pen

The Resin series is reaching an excellent balance in acrylic and brass. It has a smooth matte surface. A brass inner-tube embedded in the pen body brings perfect weight balance.
The Schmidt nib from Germany writes steady and smooth. The Resin series has its own cleverly bright look yet still forms the writing ritual to feel the weight of words.

Classic Revolve-Fountain Pen

The "Classic Fountain Pen" is the first fountain pen with YSTUDIO's own nib. Cut from solid brass, the pen's hexagonal body follows the brand's most popular design, pure and simple, with a thicker pen body and just the right balance of weight and solidity.

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