How to write with a fountain pen? Basic tips for you

For many beginners of practicing writing with fountain pens, the unique fountain pen stroke and correct way of writing could be a problem. The feeling of handwriting with fountain pens is quite different from the inflexible feeling of handwriting with ballpoint pens. Handwriting of fountain pens can display a kind of unique beautiful hard-pen calligraphy. The words in writing with fountain pens are always the best way to show emotions in letters and the key is the beauty of words in writing. This article will introduce the correct way to write with fountain pens for beginners such as practicing techniques and tips of using fountain pens in writing.

Why Fountain Pen Writing Is so Beautiful?

The structure of fountain pens is different from other kind of pens. The delicate engraving and structure are both hidden in fountain pens which are made of pen barrel, pen cap, pen point, nib, front section and ink feed. Additionally, the part of pen point is the most important which is also called the soul of fountain pen to deliver the art of words.


The First Step - How to Use Fountain Pens

Preparations after understanding specialty of fountain pen writing – The tip of starting to practice writing with fountain pens is to memorize related knowledge of using fountain pens. Here are correct steps of applying ink, sitting posture and the way of holding fountain pens for beginners.

Step 1 : Apply Ink

In general, there are 2 ways of applying ink in fountain pens according to different types of fountain pens - 「Ink converter」and 「Ink cartridge」.
Ink cartridge is a kind of cartridge filled with ink. When users plug the ink cartridge into the fountain pen, the sealing film of ink cartridge will be pierced to allow the ink flowing into pen barrel. It is an easier way for beginners.
The way of using ink converter is more complicated compared to ink cartridge with some important points. First of all, uses have to exhaust all of air in ink converter by piston inside before absorbing ink. Then lifting the fountain pen by nib pointing downwards.


Step 2 : Sitting Upright 

Sitting posture will apparently affect the beauty of words in writing. The correct posture of writing is to erect body back to keep body and arms upright, and keep an appropriate distance between head and paper to avoid blocking the line of sight of words in writing.

The direction of words you write down will follow the direction of your arm posture. When your sitting posture is not straight, the shape of words you write down will crook because you cannot stretch your arm easily. Additionally, you will not have a correct sight line of words in writing when your sitting posture is not straight. Maybe the shape of words you write looks like right at the moment of incorrect sitting posture. However, you will find the shape of words you write is crooked caused by the problem of sight line when you stand up.

Step3 : Correct Way of Holding Pen 

The way of holding a fountain pen will also affect the beauty of words in writing. The correct way of holding a fountain pen is to use index finger, middle finger and thumb to hold the part of front section of a fountain pen and let the pen barrel lean upon the index finger. Then letting the carving side of pen point face up, nib face down and write by an angle of 45 degrees between pen point and papers.

Handwriting Practice | Beautiful Words from Facsimile 

In general, beginners can start writing by facsimile with the help of copybooks or writing practice books to practice the right structure and script of words by “copy” for a while. Then you can try to write words on blank papers to practice the handling of moving a fountain pen and shape of words. Beginners are recommended not in a hurry and to practice step by step to write beautiful words in the end. 


A Fountain Pen Belongs to You

The hard work will pay off in the long and challenged run to write beautiful words with a fountain pen. The period of practicing writing beautiful words is not easy. However, picking a fountain pen of your style and comfortable in writing is very important to help you improve the quality of practicing writing.

Classic Revolve-Fountain Pen

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