Classic Revolve-Fountain Pen Ink Converter Instruction

First of all, YSTUDIO appreciates your support to let the series of Classic Revolve-Fountain Pen is still our hot selling product since we launched it this year.

Some of our clients give us feedback that the ink converter is slightly tight in the installation. Hence, we particularly post the instruction to introduce the way of ink converter installation to let you feel free to use.

Air tightness is considered in the stage of Classic Revolve-Fountain Pen development. The design of tight assembly for ink converter is to prevent from evaporation of ink and make sure the ink converter to firmly be fixed on the pen. The design is to avoid the ink converter separating from the pen due to stronger shake and collision when carrying the pen with you. Hence, the level of ink converter installation is set to “Tight fit”. When installing the ink converter into Classic Revolve-Fountain Pen for the first time, you need to push the ink converter a little harder to the right position and do not worry to damage the pen point or affect its function by this way.

YSTUDIO’s fountain pen nib is manufactured by the German famous brand of pen refills Schmidt which has the history of making fountain pens for more than 80 years. The quality and stability of Schmidt’s fountain pen nibs are recognized by global users and also our clients can rely on it. We also make a film to share the processes of ink converter installation for your reference.

The instruction above is for installing ink converter safely for the first time. If you still have any question, please contact us by email: for further information. 


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