How to Make Your Handwriting Better in 3 Steps (Plus Free Worksheets)

How to Make Your Handwriting Better in 3 Steps (Plus Free Worksheets)

Step 1: Select a suitable pen

If you’re wondering about how to make your handwriting better, maybe you can start with selecting a suitable pen. When it comes to selecting pen, everyone has their own preferences, there are a wide variety of items available on the market. Speaking of the pen selection criteria, "Being able to Write with Ease" would be a good one. Most of time we write fast and hastily so that the excessive force is applied unconsciously. Under long-term effect and counterforce, thereby causing hand soreness.

Choose the pen you can write comfortably. To begin with, select it from observing the fluency of ink output, the smoother it is, the more effort it saves. Bring the paper or notebook you used for daily to try when purchasing. Furthermore, the counterweight of pen itself does matter, you can simply close your eyes and move the pen by your fingers to feel the counterweight of pen. The benefit of proper counterweights would be enhanced durability. Once you select the pen which you write comfortably, it will be kind of enjoyment instead of difficulty after long term writing. If you have no idea about what pen you should buy, a fountain pen is a good choice.


How to make your handwriting better? You can start with selecting a suitable pen

Step 2: Lay the groundwork

Many people find out that their handwriting is not beautiful enough, when they delve into problem carefully, they realize that they normally don’t write stably enough, the more they try, the more crooked or floating their handwriting is. The importance of basic brushwork cannot be ignored, even go back to square one at any costs.

Above all, you can find your favorite copybook on the Internet, download and practice writing by copying it. Start with letters and work your way up to words and sentences.This is an important point of making handwriting better.

How to write with a fountain pen? Basic tips for you

Step 3: Daily Writing Practice

Making replica of copybooks is not difficult. However, continuous practice requires patience and perseverance. Here are two daily tips for everyone:

The 2- Minute Rule 

Ask yourself to practice only two minutes a day.
In general, since all things are difficult before they are easy, two minutes of devotion does not exert pressure for general public, as long as you overcome the initial resistance, Ten or twenty minutes will just pass without knowing.

The key point is the frequency of execution

To establish a new habit of fine writing, the key is not how much time you spend, but how often you practice your writing habit. The words you write not only depend on how your brain function, but the memory of hand muscles. Through observation, comparison and analysis, we now know the operation of cognitive is the key of how to write beautifully.

In this case, writing slowly can help us improve, however, it is necessary to enter the procedural memory level from the cognitive level to convert it into a habit, Cycling and driving are prime examples of procedural memory. In order to deepen this type of memory, we can engrave memories into cells by "Repeating specific actions." Certainly, the specific action needs to be as simple as possible in the beginning, and increase gradually the complexity until you become proficient at it.

Draw some spring lines and practice writing a few related words after dinner, before sleeping and the time you play on your phone. which will turn out to be a considerable change. The premise of the establishment of writing habits is that a simple action must be repeated hundreds, thousands or even ten thousands of times until it becomes an automatic and natural action. Repeat simple exercises, the goal of writing beautiful characters is not so far away with stable and stretched stroke habits.

Daily handwriting practice can make your handwriting better


Free Worksheets
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After knowing how to make your handwriting better, if you want to try a pen with smooth ink and a steady barrel, you can try the following two styles.

YSTUDIO Classic Revolve-Rollerball Pen-Brass

YSTUDIO Classic Revolve-Rollerball Pen-Brass

The rollerball pen stands out for its exquisite materials, but even more for its functionality. It is heavy enough to provide a stable grip and smooth writing. You can enjoy this pen no matter when taking notes or signing.


YSTUDIO Classic Revolve-Portable Ballpoint Pen

YSTUDIO Classic Revolve-Portable Ballpoint Pen

Portable Ballpoint Pen is designed to have a fine hanging function. With sophisticated lacquer and brass trim, well-adjust weight balance, and rebound mechanism, it becomes a must-have pen for you.
It comes with a necklace and a shackle for you to create your own lifestyle. Refill is ystudio customized 0.7 mm gel-ink refill which writes smoothly and enjoyable.


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