How to Fill a Fountain Pen? 5 Steps to Refill Ink in Fountain Pen

How to Fill a Fountain Pen? 5 Steps to Refill Ink in Fountain Pen

With its long history of writing, fountain pen has been used for daily record due to its flexible nib design could perform smoothly on both strong and gentle strokes. In practice, you can even make your fine writing become a work of art, with functionality and aesthetic. 

That is also the reason why fountain pen is still old but gold. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in fountain pen writing, the〝ink converteris a tool  we must learn to use. So how to fill a fountain pen? What is an ink converter and how to use it? What are the steps you can take when you first try an ink converter? Follow our steps, let us show you how to easily refill your fountain pen, the usage of ink converters injects soul into fountain pen and you can write easier with it.


What is ink converter? How to fill a fountain pen?

Just see how the good helper〝 syringe pump〞 works!

What is ink converter? How to fill a fountain pen?

A good fountain pen needs to be replenished with ink to show the beauty of writing. There are two basic ways to fill your fountain pen: ink cartridge and ink converter. Ink converter is like syringe which based upon Pascal′s principle to pressure the liquid ink into fountain pen nib. By holding the cylinder behind the grip section. the knob is used to control the piston, so that negative pressure is formed in the cylinder, and the ink is sucked into it for storage.

The storage capacity of ink converter is larger than ink cartridge. Lots of ink producers prefer to launch special ink color as a form of ink bottles than ink cartridge. Therefore, ink converter has larger storage capacity and more color options for users.

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Instruction of Ink converter| 5 Steps of Replenishing Ink

In general, ink converter with syringe principle can be used correctly by following the 5 steps as shown below. The principle of ink converter of different brands is similar. Users can smoothly replenish ink by following the steps below even for the first-time user. The following are the 5 steps of “how to fill a fountain pen”.

Instruction of Ink converter| 5 Steps of Replenishing Ink
  1. Open

    Remove pen cap and unscrew the pen body to see the structure of ink converter behind the grip section.
  2. Dip

    Dip the nib of fountain pen into ink bottle until the position of grip section.
  3. Absorb

    Rotate the knob of the ink converter and observe whether the ink is sucked in smoothly by observing the transparent cylinder.
  4. Clean

    Take out the fountain pen from ink bottle and wipe out ink on the nib and grip section after the ink converter is full. (It is recommended to clean it immediately after taking it out to prevent the ink from drying out.)
  5. Cover

    Put the pen body back into pen and make sure to tight up the pen body.

Note of Ink Converter Clean: Don’t leave water on pen feed

After learning how to fill a fountain pen-skills of using ink converter, another essential skill is cleaning if you would like to change different ink color. In general, you can dip nib into clean water and repeatedly use ink converter to extract and discharge clean water. Clean the ink converter and ink feed by incoming and outgoing water until the water flowing out without ink.

After cleaning steps, make sure to dry fountain pen or store it in a cool and dry place for 5~7 days to keep pen feed clear.  Because the water is easily attached to pen feed, this will cause the ink to not flow out normally, and the ink supply will be intermittent when writing.

Note of Ink Converter Clean: Don’t leave water on pen feed

Common Questions of Ink Converter Use

Note that if the specifications are compatible

Many fountain pen lovers remove the ink converter and use it interchangeably when they want to have different handwriting feelings. It is necessary to pay extra attention to whether the specifications of the ink converter match with pen.

The specifications of the ink converter corresponding to the design of each pen are not exactly the same. Using an ink converter that does not meet the specifications may make the pen not be able to write or even be damaged.


A Better Choice: YSTUDIO International Standards Ink converter

Easy to Replace and Write without hindrance.

The quality of words comes from the good design of fountain pens, the durable ink converter injects soul into words. Although the advanced technology shorten the distance of information, the warmth of hand writing will not be replaced as always. We can keep our emotions in words by writing and fully reveal our different moods by using different ink colors.

 YSTUDIO International Standards Ink converter

Theink converterinternational standard fit launched by YSTUDIO and its design is inherited from classical element of copper. The combination of copper and black color represents the staid atmosphere of fountain pens. Ink converters of YSTUDIO made in Taiwan have good quality and durability, its international standards design also can be used in all series of YSTUDIO fountain pens.

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